Daily Nanny

A daily nanny generally works five days per week with weekends free. They work approximately 10-11 hours per day and babysitting is by negotiation and with sufficient notice. This position can be either sole charge, with both parents in full time work, or shared charge, where one or both parents remains at home and the nanny works alongside them.

Part Time or After School Nannies

Part time nannies work as many or as little hours as you want (although not less than 4 hours at a time.) They are usually working as a part time nanny because they have other commitments such as another nanny job, studies or children of their own. It may also be due to the restrictions of their UK working visa. They therefore usually need to have the same set hours each week, and babysitting can be negotiated between the employer and the employee and is paid extra.


Live-In Nanny

A live-in nanny usually works a 5 day week with weekends free. They work approximately a 10-12 hour day and will babysit for 2 evenings per week. If extra babysitting is required, employers usually arrange to pay extra or give time off in lieu. This role can be either sole or shared charge. A live-in nanny requires her own bedroom and bathroom (in some cases they may have to share the bathroom with the children). Occasionally separate accommodation is included as part of the package. A nanny may also be provided with use of a car.

Mothers Help

A mother’s help is someone recently qualified in childcare that does not yet have the experience of a professional nanny, or someone untrained with a small amount of childcare experience. They will generally work alongside a parent as an extra pair of hands while they build their practical knowledge.

Temporary / Emergency Nanny

A temporary nanny will work anywhere from a few days up to a few months. This is a nanny who can step in to cover a permanent nanny’s holiday or sick leave, go away on holiday with the family or simply accompany the children on a day out in town while the parent/s enjoy some time to themselves. As with permanent posts, a temporary position can be sole or shared charge, live-in or out.

Proxy Parent

In the event that both parents are called away, a proxy parent will take care of the family’s children, home, pets and all other aspects of home life in their absence.

Tutor / Governess

A governess works as a child educator within a private home. They will usually have a background in teaching and are responsible for the intellectual and social development of the child. Governesses do not usually take care of any nursery duties.

Nanny / PA

Especially when the children are in school, a nanny/PA will take on extra responsibilities to help the parents that may not necessarily be child orientated, but will help with the smooth running of the household. They will liaise with the schools, reply to e-mails and invitations, organise travel arrangements, parties, book appointments and restaurants, run errands – to name but a few.
Either daily or live-in, a nanny/PA can work either full or part-time.

“I was particularly impressed with the way all candidates are introduced and with the detailed descriptions of each and every of them.”
– Julia