We believe you only need to meet an average of five nannies to find the right one. To create a shortlist, it is advised that you have an initial phone interview, before arranging face-to-face interviews with your chosen few.


  • Tell the nanny about the position and about your children. Discuss what the role entails (hours, salary, start date, duties, routines, holidays etc)
  • Ask the nanny to tell you why she went into childcare and then go through her CV in detail, asking her to describe each childcare position and any qualifications that she has taken. Also ask her why she left each job
  • Run through a list of questions relating to the nanny’s abilities as a childcarer (what activities she would plan for your children? what books does she feel are appropriate for their age?); her views on discipline (how does she deal with a tantrum? how does she introduce good manners?); her cooking skills (what meals would she prepare for the children?); first aid questions (what would she do if your child was choking?) and questions relating to her own background.
  • Ask the nanny if she has any questions.

Top Tips

Only ask questions that start with What, When, Why, How, Where or Tell me about – this avoids Yes and No answers.

Don’t talk too much – It is so easy to fill in any gaps in conversation yourself but it is really best to see how they open up and let them do the majority of the speaking.

Suggested Interview Questions

  • how long have you been a nanny?
  • why did you become a nanny?
  • name six activities that my children might be doing on any day if you were their nanny?
  • how would you approach a parent if you were worried about anything?
  • what is your experience with children the same age as mine?
  • what ages of children have you worked with?
  • why do you enjoy working with children?
  • what do you think are your particular strengths when working with children?
  • have you undertaken any training in childcare and development and, if so, how long were the courses?
  • what qualifications do you have?
  • what are your views on positive discipline strategies? (a trained childcare worker would never use physical punishment as a form of discipline)
  • are there areas of your work that you plan to improve?
  • how might you spend the day with my child?
  • why did you leave your last/present job
  • what difficulties have you experienced as a nanny with parents or children and how were they resolved?
  • how many days have you had off sick in the last 12 months?

Call Back

Once you have seen a number of candidates, you may want to invite one or two of them back to meet your children and see how they interact.

If you decide you would like to hire any of the candidates, we will help with salary negotiations, creating a contract of employment and advise on any legal responsibilities you will have as an employer. Once the placement has started we will be on hand to help with any questions which may occur throughout the period of employment.

“They know my situation and what my kids need.  They are simply fantastic.” – Mrs P