“We receive numerous applicants for the same job so following our tips and guidelines for making the perfect CV is the quickest way to getting an interview with us.”

To make life easier to you, we have also created CV templates which may help if you’re having problems with the type of information to provide.

CV Writing Tips

  • Be succinct. We don’t want repetition of job duties for similar work positions. ‘As above’ will do, however do make sure to include any extra duties that were asked of in any posts. E.g reflux baby, postnatal depression experience, extensive travel on yachts, etc.
  • Presentation is key; make sure you use uniform style and legible fonts (Arial and Times, size 12 is the safest option).
  • Check your spelling!

A cover note is particularly important so we are able to locate the most suitable jobs for you

Detailed CV Guidelines

Put these at the top of your CV so it is immediately evident who we are reading about.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Photograph (not essential but enables us to read your CV on a more personal level)

Personal Statement

Use this opportunity to sell yourself by expressing why you would suit the position, highlighting your relevant achievements.

It would be helpful if you could specify what Visa you are currently on, if you hold a driving licence, what type of work you were looking for and where you would like to work.

However this personal statement should not be more than 10 lines long.

Qualifications (Most Recent First)

Make sure to include:

  • Start and end dates (month and year is fine) of the course/ degree
  • Name of establishment
  • Qualification gained

Career History (Most Recent First)

Related work history is favoured.
Make sure to include:

  • Dates – start and finish (month, year)
  • Name of employer
  • Details of children – i.e. twins, premature, 4 month old, new-born etc.
  • Location
  • Any extra details – i.e. breastfeeding, reflux baby, colic, tongue tie etc.


Not essential but particularly include this if they are relevant.

Additional Information

Provide reasons for a career change or an explanation of gaps in your career history.

References (Most Recent First)

References will be checked so you must provide full contact details of previous employers (name, address and telephone numbers). Perhaps it is best to include these on a separate sheet to provide only once registered.