The following nannies are just a small selection of the excellent candidates we currently have available.

Fantastic Nanny looking for Wed – Fri role! –

Reference: 5912


R is an experienced, qualified and professional nanny who was a pleasure to chat with at interview. She is incredibly loyal, having worked for one family for 14 years. This role evolved into a pa/house manager position as the children were older and didn’t need a full-time nanny.

Her true passion is caring for young children and helping them to grow and develop to their fullest potential. She is proactive, creative and caring who has a true love for what she does.

She is re-training as a chef and patisserie chef which she will study on Monday & Tuesday. She is looking for a part-time role to fill the rest of her week.

R’s previous employers have described Rachel as thoughtful, kind, outgoing and positive.


They also commented that:


“R’s strengths are her resourcefulness, her communication skills, her genuine love of children, her organisation, her creativity and her caring nature.”


“It is fair to say that over the last 10 months R has become part of our family. Our children adore her and my husband and I treat her like a friend.”     


“R has a very mature outlook on life, is always thinking of others and possesses a high level of wisdom and integrity. She is a lively, outgoing person, with a very keen sense of humour.”


“R has full knowledge of the practical needs of the children and their development, and has taken a proactive role in ensuring that she meets these needs and helps them develop their speech, manners and social skills in particular.”


“R genuinely loves children and from the very outset, she proved her ability to engage all different ages.”


“R has always impressed me with her patience, her love and her ability to be able to juggle two or three things at once and not panic!”


“I consider R to be very honest and reliable. She is very punctual and her attendance is excellent. She plans active and enjoyable days for the children and assesses any risks as she goes, asking for advice is needed. The atmosphere at home is always very relaxed and calm.”



If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 0207 225 5199 or email your enquiry:


Daily Filipino Housekeeper/Nanny seeking full time role –

Reference: 5861

C is a petite, warm and softly spoken person who has fluent written and spoken English. In one role for 7 years working as a housekeeper/cook for a couple and grandmother in Hong Kong.

She is a wonderful cook, is confident with all housekeeping duties as well as caring for the elderly.

She moved with them to London where she began working for another family as a nanny/housekeeper. She cared for the youngest child since they were born as well as their two older children as both a sole charge and shared care nanny/housekeeper.

Recently she has been working two part-time roles, both as a nanny/housekeeper. She is happy to prepare healthy meals for the children from scratch, can juggle multiple children’s busy schedules as well as maintain the smooth running of a family home. One of these roles consisted of caring for a 9 yr old child who had Autism.

C is now looking for a new, full-time role with one family where she can stay long term.

Her previous employers have described her as hardworking, pleasant, enthusiastic, trustworthy and reliable whose cleaning, housekeeping and stimulation of children is excellent.


They also commented:

“We did not need to check her work as it was always to a high standard. Most importantly, she was adored by our 3 children, whom we could always leave in her care, without any hesitation whatsoever.” 

“C has always been efficient and uses her initiative.”

“Lovely lady.”


If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 0207 225 5199 or email your enquiry:


Czech Nanny w FANTASTIC references looking for full time daily role! –

Reference: 25657


D is a dedicated, intelligent and incredibly caring nanny who comes with excellent references from all of her previous employers. She is loyal to the families she works for, working for over 5 years with one family. She cared for one of the children since birth.

D has been described by her previous employers as responsible, proactive, efficient, chatty, reliable, caring, fun and enthusiastic!

She is an incredibly intelligent nanny and has successfully completed her masters in psychology, education and behaviour management. She enjoys using the skills and behavioural techniques she has learnt in her role to get to the bottom of issues and to work through any problems the children may have. This can be especially helpful when toddlers struggle to voice their frustrations.

D speaks and writes English fluently and being so chatty herself encourages children’s vocabulary to develop to a high standard.

D often proxy parents for her employers when they need to travel for work or have prior commitments or babysits when required. She is very flexible and happy to move closer to the family home in order to be punctual and on time for work.

Her previous employers recommend her highly and have commented:

“You really get the sense D genuinely cares about what she does and takes a keen interest in her job.”

“She takes great initiative in what she does and is extremely bright. Overall D has been a fantastic nanny and a real asset to the family.”

“D is an exemplary nanny; well-organised and very capable when it came to structuring the children’s day and organising playdates and activities.”

She’s very experienced, very intelligent. She sets a very good line between discipline and fun. Not many nannies can do that but she can do both. She was also a friend to our children. A very positive influence on the household, anyone would be lucky to have her.”

“I could write all day about D’s strength’s as a nanny but I think the most telling recommendation I could give is this; to this day I find myself using techniques and phrases with our sons that I observed D use with them. I honestly think her times with us has taught me to be a better parent.”

“You will have absolute peace of mind with D, she is punctual, organised, caring, fun, enthusiastic and an intelligent young woman who will help your child develop.”

“She’s fantastic, a really brilliant nanny.”



If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 0207 225 5199 or email your enquiry:


Fluent English/German speaking Nanny seeking role with ages 2+ –

Reference: 10152


J – 46 years old, full driving license, Diploma in Home Based Childcare, Ofsted registered, Fluent German/English.


J is a very experienced and diverse nanny who has cared for children all over the world in countries such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and England. She is confident caring for children of all ages from school age to young babies. Janet has certificates in Nanny Food and Nutrition, Phonics training and First Aid.

J is an excellent nanny who speaks fluent English with very little accent. She has an abundance of energy and is so enthusiastic about everything life has to offer but is also aware of the need for “quiet time”. She describes herself as a positive role model who likes to create a calm and fun atmosphere within a safe environment for the children in her care. She lists her main strengths as being able to form strong bonds with children, encouraging children to reach their full potential and to support their natural flowing creativity to see their individual personality’s blossom.

We have had wonderful references back for J with her employers including comments such as:

“She has been very good at doing homework with my son and encouraging him to read/play the piano and working with my daughter on what she needed to do (colours, numbers, etc) in a fun way via games.”


“She is pro-active in striking a time balance of creative learning and play and organises regular play dates for them to spend with their friends. J memorably helped S win a best fancy dress contest two years in a row.”

And also;

“She has a wonderful way with the children – firm but fun – that the children have responded to well as it is in alignment with our own way. My 4 year old daughter has a real fondness for J – they hang out together like big sisters and J’s (child) favourite thing is J’s (nanny) burgers.”

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 0207 225 5199 or email your enquiry:


Male Nanny, driver & excellent references seeking full time role caring for ages 3+ –

Reference: 22329

P is a 40-year-old male nanny with both British and European (Polish) passports. He has worked for 4 years in the Hammersmith/Fulham area so is very familiar with the local areas.

  • 18 years of professional childcare experience (children aged from 18 months to 16 years: boys, girls, twins)
  • Highly recommended, excellent written and verbal references, trusted by parents, loved by children
  • Successful long-term prior live in and live out positions
  • Babysat hundreds of children in the age range of 3 to 16
  • Reliable, creative, proactive, a great all-rounder and multitasker with incredible organisational skills
  • Non-smoker, pet-friendly, healthy food conscious
  • Up-to-date childcare related certificates incl.  Paediatric Nursing and First Aid, Child Nutrition and Health

22 years of driving experience


Comments from P’s previous employers:


‘P is an invaluable asset to our family, “self-starter”, unwavering and steadfast in his calm, composed and friendly approach to working with myself and my family.  He is unfailingly punctual, reliable and imminently flexible to work with, he is actively engaged at all times and constantly assesses what needs to be done. He was truly a “manager” our household. I unreservedly recommend P’       

‘P has been AMAZING! His cooking is AMAZING! His driving is absolutely AMAZING!  My daughter and son love P and say “he is the best!” He is a very active nanny! His energy and enthusiasm is 110% ‘                

‘P  has a great balance of being caring towards the children, always ensuring they are very well cared for but at the same time them knowing clearly where the boundaries are and what behaviour is appropriate and expected from them, ….he always has a good number of activities for the children planned for after school and during the holidays, …. He always seems to have a house full of extra children on playdates!  He keeps the household running seamlessly, his housekeeping skills are absolutely outstanding. He has exceptionally high standards, a very strong work ethic P is extremely flexible, this has been invaluable to us as my husband travels constantly with his job and I also have a demanding and non-routine job…’             

‘P is very caring and thoughtful person, very intelligent and enthusiastic, and fun,  did some outstanding craft activities with the children,  helped my youngest son achieve the highest mark possible for his reading work for his end of year school report.  We have really enjoyed having him in our family.’     

‘Very professional and efficient. P is clearly very experienced.’      

‘My children really like P.’ 

‘Would highly recommend P. Excellent with the children.’

‘Nice friendly chap, well-spoken and well turned out, has experience over quite a number of years with various families. He carried out all my requests satisfactorily. My girls liked him and were perfectly happy. Thank you.’ 

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 02072255199 or email your enquiry:


Daily Nanny seeking full time South London sole charge role – £12 net minimum –

Ref number: 21115


C is a lovely, well-spoken, Ofsted registered British nanny with 12 years’ experience of working with children. C was raised in Cambridgeshire where she completed her education before moving to London to become a nanny. Throughout her career, she has looked after children from the age of 2 weeks to 10 years of age. C has a very professional approach to her work and she has excelled in caring and gaining a vast amount of knowledge in her 10 years in the sector.

C has certificates in baby care, sleep training, care of multiples and non-medical maternity nursing.

C is very sweet, warm and friendly. She came across as having a huge passion for what she does and genuine love for looking after children. Past employers have also said how amazing she was when she worked with them, a very organised and well-presented individual who was very warm and efficient in her work and showed a proactive approach to her work. They have said how sad they were when she left and have said she is an asset to any family.


Having worked for her most recent family for over 4 year’s is a clear indicator of how loyal and dedicated C is to the children and families she works for.


Her previous employers commented:


“C has also been very good at observing M’s ever-changing interests and has supported these through play, and has also been great at giving advice on sleep training and other similar issues, drawing on her previous experience and the additional training which she has undertaken on matters such as these.”

“She is very good at engaging him in conversations and I have seen his speech and sentences improve greatly in the time that she has been with us.”

“The children quickly warmed to her creativity and kind nature and would often want to be in her presence.”

“Most importantly, she is a devoted and dedicated nanny who takes her responsibilities to the children she looks after very seriously.”




If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 02072255199 or email your enquiry:


Daily qualified manny seeking fulltime role –

39 year old Manny, Australian born, Indefinite right to remain visa, Diploma in Children’s services, 19 years’ experience, lives in south west London.

R is a dedicated, caring, experienced and incredibly loved male nanny who comes highly recommended from all of his past employers. He has been in his current role for over 6 years as a sole charge manny for two young boys aged 1 and 3 years. After speaking with his current employer for a reference and hearing how incredibly praising she was towards R, I was convinced there is nothing he can’t do.

As his current role has evolved, since the boys have started school, the family have done anything they can to try and keep R employed by offering him a PA based role whilst the children are at school.

Prior to this role he has had another long term role of five years also sole charge, caring for two children aged 1 & 2 years.

R first started his career in childcare when he worked in different nurseries in Australia, caring for children aged between young babies (only months old) up to 5 years. It was through his time working in different nurseries that he learnt how to engage children in a range of different activities to ensure they were developing to the greatest potential from their physical development through to their sensory, fine motor and emotional development as well.

R is married to a primary school teacher and lives in South West London. R likes to source additional educational support from his wife in the forms of homework help, reading material and learning activities that are age appropriate for the children he cares for.

R has received excellent references from all of his previous employers who were all very sad to see him go. They commented:


“R was an amazing male role model for her son. He always made things fun and educational, and was amazing at organising outings and trips – never on the play station. Her son absolutely adores R and thinks of him as a friend. R also provided amazing support during the move to the UK and helping him adjust.”

“My boys have very fond memories of R, as do my husband and I. He was a very important and positive part of my children’s lives when they were young. In particular, I had to work away from home and stay away for days at a time – R was always able to make the children feel reassured, loved, cared for and safe. He would help them make cards and gifts to welcome me home – all very special and thoughtful.”

“He will remain a great friend, we really hope he will find a nice family that truly deserve him. He will always be treasured in our home.”

“I can’t think of anyone I would trust more with my boys.”

“He was incredibly flexible, there was no instance that was a problem for him. We are extremely lucky to have had him for so long, he has been invaluable.”

R was absolutely wonderful, any family who employs him will absolutely love him.”

“R’s honest and open approach to our family’s day-care needs has provided a stable and protective environment for our child.”

“The children adore R and often request to have R join them in their games and educational experiences regardless of which (preschool) room they are in. R is not shy about incorporating himself into the children’s interests and can be seen in fancy dress, singing and dancing along with the children.”

“R has an outgoing personality, which can bring a smile to even the shyest of children. He has a way of brightening everyone’s day.”


If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 0207 225 5199 or email your enquiry:


Daily Qualified Scottish Nanny – Seeking fulltime role £13-14/hr –

29-year-old Scottish Nanny, Degree in Childhood Education, full driving license, lives in South London.

L is a calm, friendly, professional and dedicated nanny who has spent 4 years in her last role caring for two children aged 2 & 4 years at the start of employment. She cared for both children sole charge and as they started school and nursery full time would take on the homes PA duties to ensure a smooth and easy running of the household. L is confident and capable working in a team having previously worked in Primary Schools alongside teaching assistants and other staff.

After having returned from a few months travelling she is now looking for her next long term role where she can expand her professional development. She would ideally like a role that involves international travel and with toddler – school age children with whom she can put her schooling experience to good use.

L is incredibly adaptable, down to earth, capable, experienced and enthusiastic with a warm and caring disposition.


She has excellent references with all of her past employers being sad to see her go. They commented:

“Our boys are energetic, sporty and often in need of having something to do; L was able to provide entertainment both from a creative perspective as well as playing sports and games with them and taking them on exciting, interesting trips during the holidays.”

“L is a warm, loving and hardworking nanny.  She genuinely cares very deeply for the children under her care.  She was very easy and friendly to work with as a parent.” 

“We trusted L implicitly with our children and our personal lives. Overall she is a fantastic nanny.”

She established excellent relationships with pupils and staff and showed herself to be committed and caring in her approach. She was willing to learn and to take advice when needed and was able to work very successfully as part of a team.”


If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on 020 7225 5199 or email your enquiry:


Experienced Residential Baby Nanny –

M is a 43 year old nanny with both European and Australian Passports

M has extensive experience working in London although has been back in Australia for the last few years studying for a BA and towards a Masters in teaching. Has recently completed the Maternity Nurse Training Baby Care Certificate.

When she was last in London we placed M in several temporary roles, to great success and with excellent feedback.

M has experience with all ages from babies upwards, and brings a lot to any nanny role and family as she offers flexibility, adaptability and maturity from experience. She is very educationally and developmentally focused and is motivated to continue her professional development.

M is a committed career nanny and has a calm, kind, warm personality and is a super communicator.

Many lovely references received for M including such comments as;

“M is a delight to have around and is very easy going, clean and tidy. Both the children and the dog took to M very well. She is diligent, articulate and a delight to have around.”

“M is a lovely girl, hardworking and I feel very confident leaving her with my 4 children under 5.”

Available to start a new residential position from April 2018 onward.

Candidate: 6305

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact on or email your enquiry:

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact on or email your enquiry:


British Qualified Norland Nanny –

G is a Norland Qualified British Nanny, over 8 years of experience, driver looking for an overseas opportunity.

A qualified Norland Nanny and Maternity Nurse who is an enthusiastic, responsible and organised individual, being punctual, reliable and discreet at all times.  A confident and capable nanny with a great deal of interest in children and babies and their development.  Able to adapt easily and work well with new routines, all tasks are completed effectively and with complete confidence.  An understanding of a wide range of cultures has been gained through extensive travel during both employment and personal time.  Opportunities to work with children aged between 0-16 has been gained throughout employment, understanding how to effectively work with, and alongside, children, parents and other staff members and ensuring excellent communication skills are displayed throughout.

G has worked in full time live in, full time daily and also within 24 hour rota positions where extensive travel was a part of the role.

G has a bubbly and warm personality, is very well presented, well spoken and an educated all rounder. She is very active, fit and loves to take part in active hobbies such as skiing, scuba diving and tennis.

G comes with super references and includes comments such as:

“G will certainly be a great asset to another family looking for a proper nanny for their children”

Available to start a new overseas or rota position from March 2018 onwards.

Candidate: 26358

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact on or email your enquiry:


Qualified Teacher, Fluent French Speaking, British Governess in London –

SM is a qualified teacher and governess with experience as a nanny, PA and Household manager with over 20 years of household experience.

SM’s native Language is French she is a British Passport holder and Fluent in both English and Arabic.

SM is an experienced and qualified teacher specializing in French. SM has worked with children from 9 months to 18 years and also worked with adults. In previous roles, she worked for almost ten years as Household manager, tutor and P.A and has experience with high profile families as a governess and nanny. SM has also advised her families when recruiting additional s staffing for the household.

SM has recently been working as a French speaking nanny for a two year old English boy. Prior to this, SM has worked as an nanny, with Arabic tutoring responsibilities and was wholly comfortable taking on the  nursery duties alongside actively engaging two children, a boy 9 months and a girl of 3 years. SM worked for a large family in the Middle East, supporting the three children of a high profile family as both nanny and tutor. The role required extensive travel throughout Europe and the Middle East. This family retained SM in their employ for over ten years and she was later required to relocate to London with the family where her role developed and changed, showing SM’s flexibility as a candidate.

SM is a reliable, conscientious, flexible and hard-working person who is committed and able to work under pressure with long term experience of the needs of children and families.

At interview, SM came across as a warm, professional candidate with a confidence that comes from her experience.

SM has very good references from past employers, including:

“She is honest loyal reliable and responsible”

“SM is a very professional nanny who takes her job seriously. She’s an excellent candidate”

Available to start a new overseas role from April 2018 onwards.

Candidate: 26387

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on 020 7225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Norland Nanny in New York –

FW- a British Norland qualified Nanny looking for a daily nanny role in NYC.

F is 26 and eligible for a J1 visa under the Au-Pair of America scheme and would require a family to sponsor her visa. F is a driver. She has been working as a nanny in Los Angeles for the last  year as her then UK based employers insisted she relocated with them.

Her previous employers could not say enough good things about her, “Excellent judgement for someone so young. Calm demeanour, can’t fault her. Gets amazing results! “WOW!”

FW is a well brought up young lady from a good family, she is well-spoken, intelligent, very polished. She is everything you would want in a nanny;  well mannered, gentle,  quietly confident, calm. When at Norland won the Top Student of her year – awarded by the Principal of Norland College.

F is happy to care for any age group although loves babies and pre-schoolers, she is also a very good cook.

Available to start a new daily role in NYC May 2017 onwards.

Candidate: 22020

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Young Chiltern Trained Nanny –

G A is a young English Nanny who spent two years at The Chiltern Nanny College which is an excellent nanny school. This provided G with a huge range of practical experience as well as understanding and learning theoretical perspectives to working with babies and young children. She  has cared for 10 month old twins, she was only eighteen when she first started this role and also had the responsibility of looking after their older four year old brother. G has always demonstrated a level of maturity and responsibility beyond her years.

During her Ski season, she spent 5 months looking after children under two years  of age (mostly babies), as she was the only qualified nanny in resort.

She has just finished her final year at University, studying for a social work degree and has worked part-time as a school matron during this time to fund her studies. She is aged 22 and a car driver.

G is now looking for a new position and is open to opportunities. She would consider a junior Nanny position in the Middle East through to a rota travelling position.

This agency was very impressed by G when we met her for interview, and thought she was a lovely girl, charming, responsible, committed and professional.

Lots of lovely references received for G, including the following comments;

the children adored her and she was always very professional.


Competent, flexible, honest, reliable and



G is a great employee. She has a calm and

relaxed approach to child care which instantly makes

the children and parents feel calm and comfortable

and safe. She was able to bond with the children

even though she only would have them for a week. She

would often get great feedback from parents on a

regular basis.


Great with twins – this was noted by other parents

and fed back to me. G did the school run, which

had to be walked – she did very well managing the

situation and the children.



If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Residential Nanny in London or Daily Nanny in Oxford –

M V is a qualified Slovakian nanny, age 36, car driver, who is well known to this agency and comes very highly recommended.

M’s English is excellent and she is an exceptional candidate so do ask to see her profile and references.

M has a Montessori teaching Diploma and utilises this training and ethos into her nanny roles. She is also a qualified and experienced nurse so a very safe pair of hands.

She has just finished a 2 year role in Luxembourg caring for a 7 month old baby girl. Before that did lots of temporary roles and prior to that period she was 3 years with a family in Paris.

M has lots of baby and toddler experience but is great with all ages.

Amazing references received for M, including the following comments;

She’s Montessori trained and would bring this in to the job, she was always engaged with him, taking him to the park, museums & plays when he got older etc. This is a vocation for M she clearly loves the job. She’s incredibly conscientious and hard working.

Another said;

M is the best nanny I have ever had, she is very devoted to her job and to the child.

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Governess for the Middle East –

A is an Australian trained and experienced teacher, age 36, and a car  driver. A qualified teacher with a Bachelor Degree in Education and also a level 3  qualified Nanny with a diploma in teaching, with experience in the Steiner method of education. She has worked as a special needs teacher developing and implementing plans in discussion with parents.

As a nanny she has cared for twins from the age of  4 months until they were 3.5, but she cared for older children in the same family.

She has several years of teaching experience behind her now, has also worked overseas as a teacher in Indonesia.


Sporting Credentials:

Interests in:

Daily walking/ jogging, hiking, swimming, kayaking, bike riding, nutrition, juicing, superfoods, raw foods

Experience in:

Planning and running whole class camps including mountain, beach, rainforest walks

Implemented extra lesson physical activities as a Steiner teacher, development movement program based on Steiner education, daily movements that are age appropriate that assist with academic development

Planned and facilitated class games will all classes taught that are age appropriate

Physical Education Teacher, Primary School, 6 week contract, Australia

Member of the International Schools Inter Sports Association, Bali, Indonesia

Coached after school games/ sports and facilitated whole school sport days and swimming carnivals, all international schools and schools in Australia

Developed morning fitness program at Pelangi School, International School Bali

Developed morning fitness program at Sanur Independent school with senior students, International school Bali

University: studied sports education

Year 12 outdoor education, camping, hiking, orienteering

Year 10 camp leader as senior student

A is available to start a new position asap, currently in Australia but available for skype and phone interviews initially.


If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Live-in Nanny – London –

C S is an English nanny, age 54, who is a very youthful, well-presented, fit and active nanny. She has extensive baby and toddler experience and  stays long-term with families.

2 years in a recent post caring for a 7 months (girl) and 3.5 years (boy) in Wandsworth, London.

10 years as a nanny with one family travelling between London and Turkey

2 years as a nanny in New York caring for an adopted 6 week old boy.


She has excellent references including such comments as;


Good at keeping to a schedule, excellent time

keeping skills. Fun nanny. Really good when

travelling with the family.


Fantastic nanny / PA. Extremely organised, worked

very well with other staff in the house.



She is fabulous and a truly wonderful nanny –

responsible, self-starter, loving, attentive – the

best nanny ever. One could not do better if they are

looking for a warm and responsible nanny.


If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Norland Trained Daily Part-time Nanny – London –

R M – Norland trained English nanny, age 40, driver. Has the Norland NNEB Diploma and a recent Maternity Nurse Practitioner Diploma Level 4 qualification.

R also works as a Parent Coach/Trouble Shooting Nanny and is extremely knowledgeable about mother and baby.

She has just completed a one year live-in nanny position caring for a baby from 6 months old, with one of our clients. Our clients loved her!

We have many amazing references for R, and include such comments as;

Excellent nanny – she was excellent with all three children

R is a fantastic nanny and the D’s are very sad to see her leave. The children adore her and miss her and she will be a huge asset to any family. She is very organised and uses her initiative.

Kind, sensible and has a good sense of fun

I would hire her again she is great


If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Cassie Macoun on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Live-in Nanny in London with Special Needs and Educational Experience –

N is a Welsh/British,  degree qualified nanny with a degree in Education.

She has 2 years’ experience working in schools and nurseries and 1 year experience as a family nanny. She is aged 25, a car driver, and has a one month notice period.

A sweet young nanny, light Welsh accent, smiley. Has experience of special needs children as was the SENCO at a nursery and is currently working  1 on 1 with an autistic boy. She has experience  working with children who are deaf  and some with learning difficulties, as well as experience with working with children where English is not their first language.

Excellent references received so far;

“Hardworking, positive, organised, good interaction with both children and parents.”

If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 207 225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Norland Trained Nanny – Monaco –

N is an English, Norland trained Nanny, age 25, driver, residing in Monaco.

She has spent the last year in her current role looking after three children ages 3 years, 2 years and a new-born, in Monaco.  She was responsible for caring for all aspects of the children’s lives,  including weaning the baby, organising age appropriate activities,  proxy parenting for up to 1 week, assisting with sleep training and setting a routine for baby. In addition to caring for children, she often helped with organising family events; christenings sand birthday parties and traveled  extensively with the family to various places around the world.

She spent 3 years in her previous role, in Monaco where she had sole charge of two children ages 3 years and 2 years. Duties include – caring for children in all aspects, following daily routine, school run, preparing healthy meals, children’s washing and ironing, planning and providing age appropriate activities, including day trips, play dates, supporting early learning and reading, ad-hoc proxy parenting (weekends) accompanying the family on extensive trips world wide including safari and skiing. Once the children were in full-time education, Nina took on the role as family PA, planning trips, flights, birthday parties and general day-to-day admin.

N is a fabulous candidate. nicely presented, easy to chat to, nice to have a round, has a real love for her career and has a very strong work ethic. N has yacht experience, is a good skier


If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on +44 20 7225 1555 or email your enquiry:


Nanny available preferably for Geneva, Monaco, Athens or London. –

SB – French nanny, age 38, non-driver, speaks perfect English, a very good communicator, she is warm, cheerful, loves working with babies but has experience of all ages from new-born, the toddler-stage, pre-school, and lots of twin experience but is a real baby expert. She  stayed 5 years with a recent  family. She also worked with one of our clients in a weekend position, with a baby from new-born.  She is currently with an O and P client in Switzerland working as a maternity nurse to new-born twins, a 6 month assignment. The family would love her to stay on a nanny but SB prefers to be in  Geneva, Monaco, Athens or London, however she is flexible for the right position.

SB is happy with travel, she swims, skis, is very active and fit, she is well presented, mature and has a sunny and warm personality. Looking for a long-term role for £700/750 net per week plus.



If you are interested in hiring this candidate, please contact Charlotte Broom on 02072251555 or email your enquiry: